Friday, November 21, 2014

French Nordic Calm

"Slowly the sun disappeared as sheer grey clouds descended upon the valley.  The gentle flow of raindrops began falling upon the dry earth." ~Kerrie Sanderson

  We are almost done painting our kitchen Pacific Grey.  It is French Nordic in style and gives our home such calm.  I look forward to sharing it with you.
 I am closing my etsy shop on December 1st for the Advent season.  I decided to slow down and embrace this holy season.  
Wishing you all a peaceful Thanksgiving.
See you in December.

Sea Tidings,

*photos~ JDL,

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Seawashed Living 'A New Home'

"Every time I slip into the ocean, it's like going home."
~Sylvia Earle

So I decided it was time...for a New Home for my blog. 
 This January will be my 8 yr. anniversary of blogging.   For most of those years Sea Cottage was my 'blog home'.  I have a few other blogs (my studio blog and my quiet journal blog) but my home base has always been Sea Cottage.  When I opened my little shop 3 yrs. ago, Sea Cottage was not available for its name, so that is when Seawashed was born.  In this past year I decided that my blog life identified  more with my shop name Seawashed, so I changed my blog name.  I did not change my URL at risk of losing any of you, my faithful friends.  So now I have decided to open a New Blog to become my new 'blog home' 

Therefore this blog has returned to its original name of Sea Cottage and will remain open so you can take your time to find your way to my New Home.  Just like it takes time to  move to a new home in our physical life, I am expecting this will to.  So I will continue posting here until the New Year.  In January I will begin blogging at my New Home Seawashed Living.  To keep the move simple and comfortable for all, I have kept the same overall look of my blog.  Nothing is really changing except the URL  

I hope that you will continue to follow me at Seawashed Living. Please make note of the changes now.  In keeping Sea Cottage open you can always find me.  Most of my past 8 years of blogging archives is in draft now, but there are about 6 months of posts open to peruse.   Thank you for being patient with me as I make these changes.  You can also follow me on Instagram as seawashedliving.

The heart of my blog remains the same...
Living a quiet life washed by the sea.

Thank you for following me 'to the sea' for all these years.  I appreciate your friendship and community we share.
Sea Tidings,

*Photo~ French Grey

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Falling Snow...

"Lately we had a leafy wilderness, now bare twigs begin to prevail,
 and soon she will surprise us with a mantle of snow." 
~Henry David Thoreau

I walk through the redwoods and under the old oak trees.  Acorns are falling from their branches.  The sky fills with clouds this morning bringing rain.  We live in the valley at the foot of  the Mountains.  When rain comes into our valley, snow falls in our mountains. Its beautiful.  I find this time of year to be restoring.  The heat waves of Summer always leave me parched.  The parks and preserves are bare and still, unless of course it is windy.  But even in the wind there is a stillness to be found.  The emptiness provides the quiet I need.  Nature refills the reservoir of my soul.  

The sheer curtains in the photo above from Jeanne d Arc Living are the same ones that hang in our french door that leads to the garden.  The way the sunlight shines through gives such a gentleness to the room.  I linger in its beauty while sipping tea after my walk.  It is the simple things that bring the wonder.  

Sea Tidings,

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Sunday, November 9, 2014


 Peace is within me, peace is without... surrounding and embracing.  One day all war will cease.  Peace is my destination.

"Blessed are the peacemakers..." 
~The Beatitudes

Wishing you all Sunday's peace. 
Comments have been deactivated for peaceful blogging.
  Sea Tidings,

*Photo~ JDL