Friday, June 26, 2015

Grey Washes Of The Sea

Seawashed Studio

"The sea...soul sustaining waters."
~Kerrie Sanderson

The grey washes of the Pacific Ocean on the Northern California Coast are what inspire me most as an a peaceful painter.  The solace of the coastal fog resting on the hem of the sea creating layers of grey calm.  This is where I find my belonging.  The empty shore disappearing into mist, the roar of waves calling me into its depths...I listen, breathe, sink my heart into all that it has for me.  I then carry its profound peace back home with me into my studio where I paint.  

Summer this year in Northern California is very hot and dry.  The severity of the drought is more evident and real.  We have seen very little rainfall this year.  I long for water...and so I paint the Seawater and surround myself with pieces of seashells, broken sanddollars, driftwood, dried seaweed, vessels of sand and  paintings of the sea.  I created a petite gallery wall in my studio above my desk with my faded grey seascapes.  A few of my watercolor sanddollars hang from the wire.  The painting on the easel is one of my Ethereal paintings called SILENCE in the washes of  our grey sea coast. 

"A silent soul, a vessel of peace, a stream of gentle waters." ~Kerrie Sanderson

I am resting my soul in the comfort that only the sea can provide.  

washed by the sea...
Sea Tidings,